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Initialization finalization dll delphi - скачивание разрешено.

If this is the only process using the DLL, then the DLL will be unloaded. Unless you need the flexibility that dynamic loading provides, you should almost always opt for static loading. Again, this is most obvious when creating libraries that can be used by any of your programs. The second occurs as a result of thread context, and will be discussed later on. На форму в плагине добавлены действия из StdActns. Чему равен счётчик ссылок нового объекта? Посмотрите на этот код: function TMyObject. Now you can begin adding code to the DLL. This applies to all strings passed to and from your DLL--even those that are nested in records and classes.

По логике, это должен делать плагин. Extra Credit: Write a calling application that displays the strings you created in exercise 6. I load the DLL and call my exported procedure no parameters , and the form loads and works as expected ShowModal. А для того, чтобы основная программа могла обращаться с TParser и его потомками, в нее также должен быть включен uses UParses,.... Just place the following code near the top of your DLL's source unit: var DllApp : TApplication; Be sure that you place the var keyword below the uses list in the DLL source unit. GDIPOBJ to the Hydra uHYGDIPlus the difference is clear: The calls to "GdiplusStartup" and "GdiplusShutdown" is only performed if not IsLibrary is True. } FreeMem SomeBuffer ; end; procedure SayHello AForm : TForm ; begin MessageBox AForm. This type of DLL loading has its advantages and disadvantages, too.

Чувствуете, к чему всё идёт? Getting at all the goodies contained in your DLL is just a few mouse clicks away. To find out whether your code is executing in a DLL or in an application, check the value of the global variable IsLibrary. At first this might not appear to benefit the types of applications you have written so far. Хотелось бы более развернуто про hresult, как про самый рекомендуемый способ возврата ошибок. А тех, кто, прочитав этот кусочек кода, закричит громким голосом "Это можно было сделать и в dll! Once an exception has been caught in a thread, dealing with it is also slightly different from ordinary VCL handling. This is really a continuation of the discussion on sharing code among different applications.

Note that the thread need not directly use the DLL in order for the DLL to be informed of its presence. Here's how the exports section should look: exports ShowForm; 6. Create a new DLL project remove the comments at the top of the DLL, if desired. Display the strings in the language chosen. You do that in the DLL's main code block. Ему придётся эмулировать языковые конструкции вашего языка. Ответ заключается в том, что вы этого не знаете в общем случае.

If this is the only process using the DLL, then the DLL will be unloaded. } exports SayHello; begin { Assign our DLLProc to the DLLProc global variable. It's much easier to do it right the first time than to go back and fix it later. This is by far the easiest way to use code contained in a DLL. The primary disadvantage to using the dynamic loading approach is that it is a bit more work for you. What could be easier?

В чём здесь проблема? И наконец, обратите внимание на разделы initialization и finalization модуля - мы используем возможность Delphi ссылаться на класс, как на объект. Здесь следует обратить внимание на процесс создания экземпляра класса plugin'а. I've already mentioned internationalization and how a DLL can be used to make your program more easily portable to languages other than the one for which it was designed. There are a couple of points to be aware of, but most of it is straight Object Pascal programming. You might have hundreds of users, each with his or her own system. Add an exports section to the DLL and export the ShowForm function. А можно добиться еще более интересной вещи.

You will almost always add some error-checking code to ensure that the DLL loads correctly and that GetProcAddress returns a good address. Несмотря на это, вызов LoadLibrary и FreeLibrary широко распространен в секциях initialization и finalization. If the MainForm property is not valid, an exception is thrown. A DLL UNIT THAT USES A DLLProc. Чего можно добиться еще? So what's the problem? Впрочем, это снова окупается, если вы используете большое количество plugin'ов - если бы они были оформлены в виде dll, то каждая из них содержала бы приличную часть стандартных модулей и они держались бы в памяти одновременно.

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